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Toronto Theft Lawyer Anthony De Marco

Theft is one of the most common property crimes in the country. A conviction for theft carries serious consequences and can negatively impact your future. Like many criminal offences, theft offences can be prosecuted as summary conviction or indictable offences, depending on the circumstances. The possible penalties could include both restitution and jail time.

I have more than 35 years of experience defending clients charged with all types of theft in Ontario. I understand what is at stake for my clients and provide them with the strong, thorough and intelligent defence needed to protect their rights and freedom as well as reputation.

There are two categories of theft offences:

  • Theft over $5,000: A conviction for stealing items worth more than $5,000 could result in 10 years of imprisonment. This is also classified as an indictable offence, which makes it harder to obtain a criminal record suspension.
  • Theft under $5,000: This offence can be prosecuted either as an indictable or as a summary conviction offence. The Crown prosecutor decides how to proceed. If the Crown proceeds by indictment, the maximum penalty is two years of imprisonment. If the Crown proceeds summarily, the penalty may be a maximum of six months of imprisonment, a $5,000 fine or both

I have experience representing clients in many different types of theft offences, including:

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Contact my Toronto, Ontario, office today to discuss your theft case. I offer a free 30-minute consultation. For your convenience, I accept Visa and offer payment plans. You can reach me by phone at (416) 651-2299 or toll free at 1-888-399-3164 or via e-mail.

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