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R. V. J.L.O.O.

Charge: Robbery

Advocacy is defined as “the active support of an issue or the espousement of a set cause”. It is the art of putting forward your client’s case.

In practice, a good advocate must have many skills, most of which can be learned and refined with experience. The case of R. v. J.L.O.O. provides an example of good advocacy stemming from knowledge of the facts (in other words, good preparation) and knowledge of the law that applies to those facts (in other words, more good preparation) and the talent known as “being quick on your feet”. This talent cannot easily be taught. The ability to quickly recognize that the Crown prosecutor’s main witness provided evidence, that in turn provided my client with an “escape hatch”, resulted in what would otherwise have been a robbery being found to be only a theft. To read the Judge’s reasons explaining how this happened click here.